PrinterHelper for .Net

The AeroAstro PrinterHelper for .Net component adds easy printing capabilities to your managed .Net applications. Printable objects and pre-defined document types allow simple printing of large amounts of data, such as plain text, (formatted) rich text, images or tabular data ("array data").

Get the test version here.     or     BUY online from ShareIt


 Special print objects allow the printing of

  • text and image labels
  • images
  • barcodes (based on barcode tag)
  • QR Codes

  • formcreator1
  • formcreator2
  • formcreator3
  • inventorytags
  • invoice1
  • invoice2

The build-in form creator allows to graphically design document templates which can be stored in plain xml files. In your applications, you can use the xml template files with the runtime component PrinterHelper.dll to create perfect looking printouts with only a few lines of code.

The runtime component ("PrinterHelper.dll") is provided with a royalty-free distribution license, so you can use the runtime component within your own applications at no additional cost.

The PrinterHelper for .Net software is licensed on a per derveloper seat basis, i.e. you need one license per developer. Site licenses are available upon request.

Get the test version here.     or     BUY online from ShareIt




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